This has been the most unexplainable, traumatic experience of our lives. I have seen God’s grace and love abound in those who have come to our side night after night, how He has united Alex, Ryne, and myself in this process, with the people who have prayed with us and for us, and even more spectacularly, in the stories from people who came to know our Angie so well.

Angie has shared her love and light so much further than we could have ever imagined. I praise God for every day I have with her; to just kiss and hold her hand again. She truly is the strongest, most faithful, and remarkable woman I have ever known and I am so grateful God has given me the gift of being her twin sister and best friend and having been so deeply known and loved for every single day of my existence by this incredible person.

I have hope in my God and in my sweet sissy that she can and will overcome this and I am prepared to stand by her every step of the way every day for the rest my life. I’m sorry if I or Alex have not had the time to respond to all of you but please know that your love and prayers mean EVERYTHING to us.

Please keep praying and please keep sharing so others might pray along with us.

– Amanda


  1. Karen cox Salesky (Susie)
    August 26, 2018

    Praying consistently and earnestly for Angie and her entire family. Your family’s ability to walk in faith during this time is an inspiration to me and many. To see you travel this path with such grace and dignity is awesome and I can only imagine how challenging that must be. Praying for strength and endurance for all of you.

  2. Diane Storey
    August 29, 2018

    Dear Lord,
    Please send strength, and courage to Angela and to all who have so faithfully stood by her in faith and belief in you. Renew their strength and belief in you so that they can experience the miracle of your love, and especially for your love of your daughter Angela. Lord, we believe that there is nothing that you can’t do. We’ve read the scripture stories about how you healed the sick and how you gave Elizabeth a child long after her time to conceive and now Lord, if it is your will, we ask that you heal and restore “Our ANGELA” so that she can continue to teach and spread the good news in your name, just as she always has. Lord, please restore your good and faithful servant, Angela. We pray this in your name.


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